"It is quite nice to
have my first
San Francisco sculpture
just 50' from Henry
Moore's 'Large Four
Piece Reclining Figure',
...........even for a few months" 

The sculpture was installed in front of Davies Symphony Hall early July, 2004.



Heart Beats
next to Symphony....

A heart sculpture that can be played like a musical instrument is the concept created and developed by David Povilaitis, a Sonoma artist and sculptor, known for award winning recycled art sculpture, photocollage and editorial Illustrations. The unique heart sculpture for the "Hearts of San Francisco" fundraiser for San Francisco General Hospital, has just been appropriately placed outside the Davies Symphony Hall building. The heart is dedicated to Cardiologist, Dr Ken Lehrman and the incredible skills of the Sutter Santa Rosa team of Dr Keith Korver whose open heart surgery gave David a new lease on life last December.   Prior to its' debut outside Symphony Hall, the sculpture had a test run at the opening party at David's home in the hills of Sonoma County. At the celebratory musical gathering of local friends and family, the "beat of the heart" was tried and proven by Wine Country Musician David Auerbach. Auerbach is known for his wine country Christmas concerts, "Carols in the Caves"where he plays many different instruments. "My heart is meant to be played with!" says David...so drop by and check it out at the Symphony Hall location.


The 2,743-seat Davies Symphony Hall is home of the San Francisco Symphony and part of the War Memorial Performing Arts Center, located next to the War Memorial Opera House on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco The hall is located on Grove Street between Van Ness Avenue and Franklin Street in San Francisco


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Heart Art Sculpture brings new musical artistic vision to local Sonoma artist.

Who: David Povilaitis, Sonoma County Artist.

What: Creator of "Beat-Heart-Beat" Heart Art Drum Sculpture.

When: Part of "HEARTS IN San Francisco Project" Unfolding currently, February-September in San Francisco as a benefit to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation www.HeartsInSF.com

Where: San Francisco, in front of Davies Symphony Hall.

Why: Part of a hospital benefit to raise over 1 million dollars.

Vision and Purpose: Beautify the streets, promote the "Heart of the community of San Francisco".

Providing a unique musical instrument for all to enjoy, also an art piece.

The Story:

David Povilaitis is one of the 100+ artists whose ideas have been chosen to create Heart Sculptures for a hospital benefit in San Francisco. His colorfully patterned steel heart sculpture, soon to be delivered to San Francisco is unique in that it can be played like a drum. He developed the idea from a combination of some of the percussive traits of slit drums, gamelins, vibraphones, steel drums and African Kalimbas.

David, an Editorial and Photo Collage Artist from Sonoma County (www.Oxxide.com), started a new direction seven years ago, while working on an image for Valentine’s Day. He created a collage of moss and flowers in the shape of a heart that was extremely popular with friends and clients. This icon struck a sensitive chord that evoked far more of a response than he originally thought, with a much wider audience. As an aside from his regular work as an Illustrator, David began a book project of 100 hearts, collecting pieces of and ideas for the individual images in his travels for other assignments. As one thing led to another, more heart art projects unfolded for him over the last few years.

While his mother was in the hospital recovering from hip surgery, he developed the idea for "cheer-ups", colorful heart-shaped fabric wall hangings and accessories for hospital rooms. The following week, the Heart Theme became more personal for David. He discovered that his own heart needed valve repair work to help it function effectively. Thanks to the fantastic team of Drs. Korver and Lehrman at Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa, his open heart surgery was an incredible success and he felt he had newfound energy for all heart-related projects, including his new "Beat-Heart-Beat" Sculpture!

Info: www.Cheer-Ups.com

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